Leather Artist Apron

Leather Artist Apron


Leather Artist's Apron - server's apron

16"x7" with a 30" leather strap. This heavy-duty leather apron sits comfortably on your waist and is secured with antique brass heavyweight D-Rings, strap slide, rivets, and a swivel snap.

The apron shown has two 2", 4", and 7 1/2" pockets to hold pencils, paintbrushes, utility knives, rulers, and many arts and crafts supplies or utensils for servers. Select from three different pocket layouts and two distressed leather finishes. Made with the same durable, oil-tanned Kodiak leather that is used to make Zenfish Leather pencil and paintbrush rolls.


*To have a custom logo or design engraved on your apron, please use the "contact" page.