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leather sketchbooks, leather aprons, refillable sketchbooks

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For every Silicon-Valley-VC-backed product design startup, I wish there were 100 people like Lynn Fisher. "I am a painter and Art teacher in New Jersey," Fisher writes, "and about fifteen years ago I came up with an idea to use old pieces of leather to make journals and sketchbooks for my friends as Christmas gifts. Everyone seemed to like them and a few suggested that I teach my students how to make leather books."

Six years ago Fisher began selling them online, and to date has sold 3,000 of them. The sketchbooks are refillable, making these lifetime purchases, and she's also expanded into leather pencil rolls, brush rolls and aprons.

Fisher continues to teach her students how to make the sketchbooks, and perhaps they'll grow up to be maker-entrepreneurs too.

Check out her stuff on Etsy, Amazon and her website, Zenfish Leather.



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